A compassionate life is a beautiful life

My Start in NVC

In 2015, I was starting a consent-based outdoor learning program for children. It was our first season and I was trying to guide a staff member who had intervened in a conflict between two children. I understood that the facilitator was valuing safety yet I wanted her to also see the perspective of the kids. I was trying to help her figure out how to communicate her wishes in a way that wasn’t shaming or “power over” and a parent overhead our conversation. “I know what you’re trying to do! That’s NVC!” she said excitedly.  I had never heard of NVC before but within a month I had organized facilitator training for all our staff on NVC principals. I’ve been using NVC daily ever since! 

I have always been interested in learning. In fact, I have a nice collection of degrees and certificates supporting my longstanding interests in intrapersonal growth. However, my most profound learning BY FAR has been learning NVC  by applying it to my life experiences. 

What I do Now

I got sick at the start of the pandemic which developed into a rare autoimmune disease. This greatly impacted the ways I could work and also prompted the start of “MetaMentoring”.

Although I have paradigm-shifting processes to share, I am absolutely a co-learner. By showing up with all of my vulnerabilities and humanness, we both get to experience learning and growth.

In my work as an educator and facilitator, I share natural learning philosophy and compassion techniques to help foster deeper awareness and access creativity when facing challenges. 

I invite you to learn via my podcast, videos, social media, blog posts, my book “Finding Ahimsa”, and my offerings.

My Philosophy

Opportunities for learning, healing, and building resilience happen all the time.

You don’t have to become a monk to find depth and enlightenment. You just need to observe your own life with openness and compassion. 

Healing and learning happen when we feel safe.

With safety, we can see ourselves and develop self awareness. Self Awareness is essential to learning. I strive to create safety for you by listening with compassion, expressing my humanness, sharing the experiences of others, and facilitating connecting conversations. 

Healing, learning, play and connection are all interrelated.

Focusing on one leads to another, so start wherever you feel inspired. 

Those uncomfortable feelings are an expression of unmet needs.

Why does learning sometimes feel uncomfortable? I don’t know but that discomfort is the gap of growth. It’s an expression of where you are and where you wish to be.  

Learning and healing are ongoing processes, not end goals.

Once you “know’ something, you’ll likely get a chance to explore the same topic from a different angle. Rest and celebration are important parts of the process too. 

We are interconnected beyond our comprehension.

All of us have wisdom to share and something to learn. Understanding different perspectives and our place in the larger picture supports our individual and collective healing.    

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