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Would you like to work with me directly?

Free NVC Practice Group


Do you want to learn NVC? When I have the energy, I like to invite community members on my email list to learn a simple NVC concept in a group video call. 

Topics Include:

  • Needs
  • Feelings
  • Hearing Feelings and Needs Differently
  • Observations
  • Hearing without Judgement
  • Making Requests and receiving a “no”
  • Boundaries and Use of Force
What’s Included:

7 week NVC in Relationships Course

$400 CAD

You recognize the power of NVC. Maybe you have even tried some of my free NVC Practice Group Sessions? And now you want to learn NVC FASTER. This course is ideal for people who already have a strong interest in NVC and want to go more in depth and apply concepts to the challenges and frustrations they encounter in everyday life.

I have taught many courses over the years and this is my favorite to share! You will find these concepts apply to your relationships with your children, your partner, you extended family, friends, and work colleagues. These processes are very transferable. 

What’s Included:

Creative Solutions for Organizations

Project Dependent

It’s invigorating to feel a sense of alignment and optimism with your colleagues. Creativity and organizational resilience emerge in cultures that encourage critical thinking *without judgement*, fully embrace meta-awareness, and explore their “shoulds”. I’d love to learn more about your organization and discuss how collaborative and compassionate processes could support your mission and the needs of your employees and stakeholders. 

Potential Topics:

Overnight Support


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What’s Included:

One-Off Consultations

One -Off Email Consultation

$25 CAD / Per Email

Are you looking for a little guidance or outside perspective? Is email the best way for you to share your message and receive feedback? If you have a bit of an NVC background and want some support, this might be a good fit for you!

One-Off Phone Consultation

$80CAD / 1 Hour

Sometimes it is nice to express yourself aloud and receive empathy right away. If you wish for support and a video call makes the most sense for you to express and receive, let’s line up a time to connect! 

Not Sure Which Option Is Right For You?

Feel free to contact me and I will help you pick the option that is likely best for you.

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